The Code Enforcement Division provides a service to assure that the minimum levels of public safety, health and welfare are maintained insofar as they are affected by land use, development and by building construction and maintenance.  To this end, The Code Enforcement Division is charged with the overall administration of the City’s Land Use and Development Code, the entire City’s adopted building and construction codes, the State adopted planning, use, and building statutes that specifically pertain to Code Enforcement and the State of Maine Subsurface Wastewater and Internal Plumbing Codes.


1.   Issues all land use and construction permits

  • Issue permits (building, Certificate of Occupancy, electrical, plumbing, septic and signage)
  • Review building permit plans and meet with architects and builders
  • Review zoning, land and Shoreland
  • Review plumbing compliance
  • Review State Permits (Fire Marshall)
  • Check Flood Hazard
  • Review any required prior board approvals
    • Board of Appeals
    • Planning Board
    • City Council

2.  Inspections

  • Building (footings, foundation, framing, etc.)
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing (Internal)
  • Septic (External)
  • Signage
  • Zoning
  • Investigate complaints (building, health, life safety, zoning)

3.   Enforcement

  • Documentation and notification of violation, action necessary to correct
  • Re-notification
  • Documentation and hand-over for enforcement action
  • Document and prepare for any court action

4.   Miscellaneous

  • Staff support for Zoning Board of Appeal
  • Attend Zoning Board of Appeals meeting
  • Issue Flood Plain advice and letters
  • Document Junkyard compliance (yearly)